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When you need an event managed in a way that ensures local participation while showcasing the best a region has to offer, Push Pull is your link to a smash-hit. Our tailored packages are born from a lifetime of experience and put together to make sure every detail of your event comes together seamlessly. Also available for Event Help, we can do those tasks that are required to set your event up for grand success.


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Make sure the right people know about your upcoming events by creating the perfect pitch and sending it to the right people.

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Event organisation is incredibly difficult and it’s hard to fit any extra hours in to write the necessary materials and make sure the right people are in the know about your event. We will take care of the management of marketing involved in the event, including one (1) social media post per week.


  • Monthly Marketing Action Plan
  • Key messages for Organisers and Event Committee
  • Design of (2) Handouts to give to public and private stakeholders
  • Monthly Social Media Plan made for your Social Media Guru
  • One (1) Media Release drafted and sent to relevant media stakeholders and followed up with a pitch


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We know who, what, where, when and why to hold an event, so let us pull out all the stops so your event is a success.

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We will run an opening night/launch/lead event (for up to 40 people) that will make your event/product launch the talk of the town. We will take care of every aspect of your event to ensure a memorable launch that captures the attention of media and says to the public that my event is on and worth attending.


  • We will schedule and promote the event
  • Design Event Invitations
  • Host the Event and Organise Catering
  • Organise the Pre and Post Media Opportunities


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We describe your committee’s journey to date, outline the history of the event and provide forward planning.

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We will deliver prosperity for the community and event stakeholders by completely managing your events. We will ensure your events remain prosperous and well attended in the long term. An Event Plan that captures the existing event and includes a Growth Plan, Sales Targets and Actions, and Continuation Plan will see your events prosper for the long term.


  • Meeting with the Executive Committee
  • Event Plan including Growth Strategy, Sales Strategy and Continuation Plan
  • Event Action Plan
  • Review with the Executive Committee
  • Final meeting with the Executive Committee
  • Presentation to the Committee
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