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Not sure where to start with marketing?
Jump into a marketing bootcamp and start connecting to your customers the right way.

It will save you time and get you set up for marketing success!

For 12 weeks you will have your own dedicated expert providing direction on your marketing basics. You will learn how to better understand your customer and market your products more effectively. By the end, you will have a marketing toolbox with will the necessary items to make marketing your business a breeze!

Package Info


  • Professional Photography so you and your business stand out from the crowd
  • Newsletter Advice & Action over the 12 weeks so you’re constantly connecting with your clients
  • Branding Basics and Design Board with help to find your professional brand
  • Profiling your customer so you identify and understand your avatars
  • Discover your customer language and put together your own word toolkit to make sure your tone and language/message is consistent when writing an advertisement, social media post, or internal communication.
  • Fundamentals of setting up a successful Shop Front Counter for marketing
  • Fundamentals of Facebook – we will assess and give feedback on your current Facebook account
  • How to conduct a survey & implement outcomes
  • Have files and information ready to go for further marketing activities

$150/per week

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