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The who

Proud and committed supporters of regions, we have the expertise to guide your business towards success and are always seeking new opportunities to encourage growth, stability, and enthusiasm in a regional area.

Through clever marketing, creating relationships and managing events, we will share stories and showcase the people who make living in regional areas so special.

The what

We don’t see a point to over-complicating your plans and strategies. We craft easy-to-follow, articulate and creative tools, plans, and strategies that enable you as our clients to work alongside us in bringing your vision to life.

At the bottom line of every task we perform is the skills and experience to guide you through everything you need to leave a lasting positive impact in your community.

The why

It is our goal to provide your regional business access to our professional business solutions. We are passionate regional advocates who find innovative ways for businesses and individuals to connect and engage with their communities.

We will tell your story in a way to encourage growth in your business and see that it also uplifts your wealth, enthusiasm and region.

Sheena Lindholm

The main brain

“Nothing would make me happier than to see you succeed. I am passionate about creatively solving problems in our regional towns, including my own backyard, the South Burnett.”

Owner of Push Pull and main brain Sheena Lindholm is a creatively wired big thinker passionate about South Burnett and driving hard to see the region succeed. Dubbing her greatest personal attribute ‘the gift to empower,

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Sheena’s lateral thinking and creative viewpoint makes her an asset to any team or project that you need help with. Together we have catapulted my business and audience reach.

Brenda FoleyFlux Digital


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