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My commitment to regional businesses

I am passionate about the rural communities I call my home and the amazing people who make those communities the wonderful places they are.

Born and raised in rural Queensland, my passion for strong and supportive community initiatives is what drives me to see these communities achieve greatness.

Starting my career in Local Government, my passion grew through business, community representation, and now, as a mum. I am all about making rural communities a better place to live; not just a nostalgic ‘home-town’ to those born there.

After 10 years working in and with local government in Tourism, Events and Economic Development, I have amassed a strong skill set, knowledge, and empathy for rural communities and the people therein. It is these skills and knowledge I now want to share with others to continue to strengthen and improve their own communities.

I utilise my skills and expertise to bring new and fresh perspectives to community projects to keep groups focused and effectively working towards a common goal. Push Pull’s foundations are built on hard work, genuine relationships, and utmost dedication to helping our rural community improve. Now, I want to help others do the same.

I am completely dedicated to inspiring as many people as I can, it’s in my nature to lift you and your community up to new heights.


I use short and long-term strategies, lateral thinking and my creativity when joining your team. Add to that, my passion for rural community and the drive to get things on track. I offer you a perspective that can only be gained through a genuine love of helping others succeed with the experience to guide the way.

I also find great pleasure in assisting my community in other ways such as volunteering at Taabinga State School as the P&C President; I am the project manager at Nanango and District Netball Association, and Chair of a Sub-Committee in the Kingaroy Baconfest Committee.

My passion comes from seeing the next generation of rural people thrive through nurturing engagement with sport as a catalyst for individual and community growth. I believe community involvement facilitates meaningful community empowerment and I want to bring this ethos to regional businesses as well.

In every project I am involved in, I hope to inspire others to grasp and run with the enthusiasm I have for rural and regional communities and can’t wait to help more regional businesses and communities shine.


Sheena Lindholm